Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Review

The most awaited film of this year 2017 Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Review, this Epic flick has hit the big screens today and getting positive reports all over this movie is featuring Prabhas, Anushka, Rana and Tamannaah in the lead roles and also casting Sathyaraj, Nasser, Ramya Krishna, Subbaraju in important roles. This prestigious film is Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, produced by Shobu Yarlagadda & Prasad Devineni. Music composed by M.M. Keeravaani.

 Starring  Prabhas, Anushka, Rana and Tamannaah
 Directed by  S.S. Rajamouli
 Produced by Shobu Yarlagadda & Prasad Devineni
 Music by  M.M. Keeravaani
 Censor  U/A
 Release Date 28th April 2017
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Baahubali 2 Audio Rating   4/5
Baahubali 2 Movie Rating 4/5
Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Review
Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Review

Story :

As shown in the first part, Prabhas (Baahubali) is declared as the king of Mahishmati. As part of the kingdom’s ancestral ritual, the would-be king needs to visit the countryside to know what problems the people in his kingdom are facing. In this process, Baahubali visits a small kingdom called Kuntala and falls in love with its princess Devasena (Anushka) there.

He woos Devasena with his charm and brings her to Mahishmati. But to his shock, Baahubali’s mother, Shivagami(Ramya Krishna) changes her decision suddenly and announces Bhallaladeva(Rana) as the king. Why did Shivagami suddenly announce Bhallaladeva as the king? What is the back story behind her decision? and why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? To know answers to these exiting questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Review
Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Review

Performances :

Coming to the performances Prabhas and Rana has played magnificent roles both of them has given ultimate performance and stunned us with their muscular bodies mainly Rana was like a beast with an solid muscle where as Prabhas looks was quite decent and attractive female lead Anushka as Devasena has given her best in the role all other Cast and Crew has kept their souls to make this an clear cut picture.

Technical Aspects:

The Technical Aspects this film is too high if you view in technical point this movie is an Master piece. Part one of this film has surprised us with its scale and Budget  and now the part 2 has surprised us with its excellent visual effects and emotions. The sets created for this film are really mind blowing. VFX Team should be much appreciated to taking this film to another level with their VFX Work.

Stunning BGM by M.M Keeravani took this movie to peaks. Director S.S Rajamouli has really took the standards of Indian movie to an Hollywood level you will simply be amazed looking at each and every scene in this film which will keep you interesting throughout the film.

Baahubali 2 Review
Baahubali 2 Review

Highlights of the film :

  • Prabhas , Rana , Anushka and all the lead roles.
  • Graphics
  • Sets which are created for the movie
  • Rajamouli
  • Story Narration
  • Emotions

Negative points of the film :

  • Climax looks Bit Rushy
  • Some unforced drama takes over the proceedings.

Final Verdict :

Baahubali 2 is such an film which will leave you speechless, from the start to end there is an intense Drama and Action Sequences, each and every frame is an Visual Wonder. Heroic fights or the lavish war scenes took this flick to the next level, Rajamouli showcases some never before scenes in Indian film history. Finally its an must watch film by each and every movie lover and be proud of Indian Cinema where we can create such an Master piece which broke all the records.

Baahubali 2 Movie Rating : 4/5

Baahubali 2 Trailer :