Jyo Achyutananda Telugu Movie Review

Jyo Achyutananda Telugu movie review : Jyo Achyutananda is an most awaited film in recent times , this film is been directed by Srinivasa Avasarla, this film has Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya and Regina as the main leads. Produced by Vaarahi, this film has hit the screens today worldwide.

TitleJyo Achyutananda
StarringNara Rohit, Naga Shourya and Regina
Directed by Srinivasa Avasarla
Produced bySai Korrapati
Release date9 September 2016
Music byKalyan Koduri
BannerVarahi Chalana Chitram
TollywoodTrendzz Rating3/5

Story :

Nara Rohit (Atchyut) and Naga Shourya (Anand) are two brothers who are very close to each other. Their lives change upside down with the entrance of Regina (Jyotsna). As expected, both the brothers fall head over heels and start wooing her.

Right when everything seems to be going fine, a small mishap changes their lives and creates differences between them. What is that mishap ? What kind of problems did it create between the brothers , Watch the film for the total story.


Coming to Performances Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya  had really done an good job and they made justice to their roles , Naga Shourya’s Skill has been improved with this movie which makes him as an perfect actor , Regina had also done an splendid job and her performance in some of the scenes are mesmerizing, all the other cast and crew had done their best to the film .

Technical Aspects:

In technical aspects we have to mainly talk about the production values , the production house Vaarahi production values are up to the top notch without any compromise . Music by Kalyana Ramana is yet another highlight. All the songs come up at right places and have also been shot quite well. Editing is done good


  • Nara Rohit
  • Naga Shourya
  • Story
  • Screenplay


  • Climax Might e improved
  • Regina’s role might have some more clarity.

Final Verdict:

Final Verdict of Jyo Achutananda movie is this film has an new angle story and can be watched once and all the movie lovers will surly love it mainly the story which was in the new note. we can say that this film is an paisa vasool flick for this weekend.

Jyo Achyutananda Rating : 3/5