Kaashmora Telugu movie Review – Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya

Kaashmora Telugu movie Review : The most awaited movie this weekend Kaashmora has hit the screens today and there are lots of gossips around this film and the content of the film , this film is directed by Gokul, produced by S R Prakashbabu and Music has been composed by Santhosh Narayanan, this film stars Karthi in the male lead role and Nayanathara , Sri Divya in Female lead roles, now let us go to the review of the film.

Title : Kaashmora

Directed by : Gokul

Produced by : SR Prakash Babu

Music : Santosh Narayanan

Release Date : 28 October 2016

Tollywood Trendzz Rating : 3.5 / 5

Story :  Karthi (Kashmora) is a small time crook who pretends to possess some special powers of taking to the ghosts. He cheats a huge politician and runs away with his money.

The twist in the tale arises when he gets stuck in a huge forbidden bungalow which has a past of over seven centuries and also some real ghosts.

Watch Kaashmora for full story and Twists.

 Technical Aspects: 

Coming to Technical Aspects of this film they are really at top notch and created an great visual impact, the art direction and the way Karthi has been designed is Mind Blowing.

Director Gokul has done an good job, His concept is interesting and credit should go to him for narrating the film in an entertaining manner with good doses of comedy. Music is not upto the mark.

Performances :

Coming to the Performances Karthi had really given an Outstanding performance with his look and the female leads Nayanatara and Sri Divya also done good work , all the other casts has done an great job, the direction Department is technically in peaks.


  • Karthi
  • Comedy
  • Direction


  • Length of the Movie
  • Climax is bit Over
  • Music

Final Verdict:

This film si worth watch for Karthi and his Performance which will make you feel interesting, Kaashmora is quite different movie from the routine and outdated commercial flicks that are coming out these days, and this film is stood to be an Time pass Entertainer which can be watched once this Weekend.

Kaashmora Rating : 3.5 / 5