Katamarayudu Audio Review – Anup Rubens | Pawan Kalyan

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming entertainer Katamarayudu Audio Review, this film featuring Pawan Kalyan in the male lead role and Sruthi Hassan in the female lead role. Katamarayudu is directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani (Dolly), while Prasad Murella is the DOP and the music is being scored by Anup Rubens. Katamarayudu is produced by Sharrath Marar under the NorthStar Entertainment Banner.

Katamarayudu  Audio Track List :

01. Mira Mira Meesam – Singer(s) : Anurag Kulkarni

02. Laage Laage – Singer(s) : Nakash Aziz, Dhanunjay, Nuthana

03. Jivvu Jivvu – Singer(s) : Dhanunjay

04. Emo Emo – Singer(s) : Armaan Malik, Shreya Ghoshal

05. Yelo Yedarilo Vaana – Singer(s) : Dhanunjay, Malavika

06. Love Theme – Singer(s) : Theme

07. Netha Cheera – Singer(s) : Sai Charan, Sahithi, Simha

Mira Mira Meesam Song Analysis : 

Song: Mira Mira Meesam
Music: Anup Rubens
Singer: Anurag Kulkarni
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry

This is the first song from this massive album it starts with a massive BGM, this track goes into the Introduction Category which will introduce hero’s character. Lyrics given by Ramajogaiah Sastry are ultimate, singer Anurag Kulkarni has given his career best performance for this song. Music by Anup has elevated the song is a meaningful way.

Laage Laage Song Analysis :

Song: Laage Laage
Music: Anup Rubens
Singers: Nakash Aziz, Nutana Mohan
Lyrics: Bhaskarabatla

This is the second track from the album, this song goes into the category of melody, song goes very well with melodious tunes and mass beats. Lyrics given by Bhaskarabatla are awesome, Singers Nakash Aziz and Nutana Mohan has given great voice over for this song. Music given by Anup Rubens is spectacular.

Jivvu Jivvu Song Analysis :

Song: Jivvu Jivvu
Music: Anup Rubens
Singer: Dhanunjay
Lyrics:Varikuppala Yadagiri

Jivvu Jivvu is the third track from this mass album, this song lies in the mass category which is all about liquor you can take it as a next version for Mandubabulam song from Gabbar Sing  which lies in the same category.Lyrics given by  Varikuppala Yadagiri are good, Singer Dhanunjay has given good base voice for this song. Music by Anup is the major plus point for this song.

Emo Emo Song Analysis :

Song: Emo Emo
Music: Anup Rubens
Singers: Shreya Goshal, Arman Malik
Lyrics: Anantha Sriram

This is the fourth song from the album this is also an melodious track we can take it as a duet song for this film this song is well composed with good music and lyrics given by Anantha Sriram are pretty awesome,singers Shreya Goshal, Arman Malik given spectacular voice for this melodious track. Music by Anup is the backbone for this song he has given great tunes for this song.

Yelo Yedarilo Vaana Song Analysis :

Song: Yelo Yedarilo Vaana
Music: Anup Rubens
Singers: Dhanunjay, Malavika
Lyrics: Anantha Sriram

This is the Fifth track from the album and this goes into classical category with a village touch song goes pleasantly lyrics given by Anantha Sriram are as usually great, Singers Dhanunjay and Malavika has given good voice over for this song tunes composed by Anup Rubens are good.

Netha Cheera Song Analysis :

Song: Netha Cheera
Music: Anup Rubens
Singers: Sai Charan, Sahithi
Lyrics: Bhaskarabatla
Additional Vocals : Simha

This is the last song from the album this goes into the item song category for this flick. Lyrics given by Bhaskarabatla are spectacular, Singers Sai Charan and Sahithi gave their beat voice over for this song each and every lyric in this song will be related to next lyric.Music given by Anup is good for this song but can be more impressive.