Nara Rohit new movie Raja Cheyyi Vesthe movie review-rating

Release date : April 29th, 2016

Director : Pradeep Chilukuri

Producer : Sai Korrapati

Music Director : Sai Karthik

Starring : Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar


Nara Rohit (Raja Ram) will be seen as a film director who’s only aim is to direct a script that he has written. He is also in a relationship with Isha Talwar (Chaitra ) who is an software employee.

Tarakaratna (Vijay Manik) is a murderer who has support by the politicians also. One day two unknown persons try to kill Vijay and one gets shot and killed by vijay and the other escapes. Vijay wanted to kill the person who escaped.

Raja Ram gets a letter from a person saying that he is an star director who tells him that he is impressed by his script and asks him to write a climax for a movie that he is currently shooting.

Raja Ram agrees to this and does the needful help. Impressed by the climax sent by Raja Ram, the director surprises Raja by sending him a gun and a photo of Vijay Manik and blackmails him to kill him.

Watch the movie for full story and the twists.

Technical Aspects:

The production values are exceptional and Sai Karthik did not give his best to this movie by his music but background score is bit impressive,Camera work is nothing great to talk about.


  • Nara Rohit
  • Isha Talwar glamour
  • Interval block.

Negatives :

  • All over the movie can be improved
  • camera
  • music

Final verdict:

Raja cheyyi vesthe is a bit thriller but its an one time watch film dew to many negative points Nara Rohit had done his best the twists are bit impressive at last this film is going to be at a place of average.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Rating: 2.70/5