Raviteja is going for a vacation

Mass Maharaja Raviteja is going for a vacation now in his struggling times instead of starting an movie as soon as possible now he planed an vacation for three weeks to Paris.

Until now Raviteja had rejected up to three projects which are named as Yevado Okadu ,Robinhood and recently the script narrated by his Power Movie Director Bobby.

It seems that Raviteja is not going to tolerate any Flop or Average Projects any more he was getting dis satisfied with all the regular Scripts, he is in search of an project which contains Content to give him an Blockbuster this is one of the reason Behind his Delay.

According to the latest buzz he had accepted an script which has been narrated by script writers Vikram Siri and Deepak Raj for the next. As Raviteja is too good in finding new talents he knows the hard work of Vikram Siri and Deepak Raj who played major role in the success of movies like Racegurram , Thadaka  and few more.

Since Raviteja Knows them from a long time he want to give them an chance for their Debut movie with him,if everything goes fine this movie will go on to the floors and start shoot as as soon as Raviteja will be back from Paris.