Right Right Telugu movie Review-Rating

Sumanth Ashwin’s Right Right Film Review

Starring : Sumanth Ashwin, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Pooja Jhaveri

Director : Manu

Producer : J. Vamsi Krishna

Music Director : J.B

Release date : June 10th, 2016


Right Right starts off with Sumanth Ashwin (Ravi) joining his duty as a bus conductor in a small village. Very quickly, he establishes a good rapport with the driver Kalakeya Prabhakar (Seshu)as well as the regular commuters.

One fine day, when Seshu gets drunk during his duty, Ravi will be forced to drive the bus back home. During the journey, Ravi hears a sudden sound in front of the bus and thinks he hit someone. He get’s down to find a man under his bus, who is still alive.

Who is this man? Why did he falls under the bus ? and What do Ravi and Seshu do come out of this tricky situation ? Watch the movie for the total story

Technical Aspects:

Though the film is made with a small budget, the production values are quite superb. Music by JB is hsd also done its best. Editing is said to be ok although a few scenes and songs could have been left out. Camera work is appreciable as the locations have been showcased well.

Coming to director Manu, he does an average job for a newcomer. Although he has chosen a remake, he failed setting it up well in Telugu. The way he has narrated the proceedings, especially in the first half is very slow and a tighter screenplay could have done wonders for the film but as of now those didn’t work.


Coming to the Performances all the cast had done their level best ,Sumanth Ashwin had done an spectacular work direction of this movie is also well and good, music is not up to mark but did performed well because it’s an small budget film there are no negative  marking according to performances


  • Direction
  • Screenplay.
  • Sumanth Ashwin’s fabulous performance


  • Some Scenes
  • First half.
  • We feel bored at some places

Final Verdict: 

Right Right film is an onetime watchable, this movie has an interesting story line,proceedings are very slow we cant say that this movie is totally an paisa vasool movie but it can be watched because of the story and Sunanth Ashwin’s Performance.

Right Right Telugu movie Rating :2.5/5

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