Robo 2.0 teaser getting ready

  • Robo 2.0 is a upcoming indian film directed and written by Shankar Shanmugham Robo 2.0 Is a science fiction movie with a budget of around 600 Crore, B. Jeyamohan was a Co-writer for the film and produced by Allirajah subaskaran, Music by A.R Rahman,



Rajanikanth,Bollywood star hero Akshay kumar and Amy Jackson are playing lead roles in the move,we can see Akshay kumar as a Alien in the movie

Other cast, Sudhansu pandey as junior Bohra,Riyaz khan,kaizaad kotwal,Adil Hussain,Mayur Bansiwal,Kalabhavan shajon

Robo 2.0 is the sequel of  Robo (Enthiran)released in 2010 with the budget of 132 Crores and collected 289 Crores Gross and 160.3 Crores share Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai played lead roles,Music by A.R Rahman

Robo story is about a Scientist called Vaseegaaran (Rajini kanth) create a Android robo named Chitti (Rajini Kanth) which looks like vaseegaaran.Because of some reasons vasegaaran give chitti a software upgrade which gives ability to chitti exhibit and Comprehend human emotions,the project fails when chitti robot fall in love with Saana (Aishwarya Rai) Vasegaaran girlfriend and chitti is manipulated by D.r Bohra and gives a red chip who is guru of vasegaaran a rival scientists homicidal the robo turns into a evil robo at the end vasegaaran corrects chitti robo and dismantle it

Robo 2.0 is planning to release World wide in Tamil,Hindi,Telugu and 12 other languages on 29 November 2018

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