Venkatapuram Movie Review – Intense Thriller

The most awaited True Story based Intense Thriller Venkatapuram movie Review, this film is featuring Rahul and Debut Female lead Mahima in the lead roles Directed by Debut Director Venu Madikanti and Produced by Shreyas Media, Thumu Phani Kumar. Music composed by Achu.

This film got great hype from the day the trailer is been released, trailer got good response all over creating suspense among the film now the Suspense tiller has hit the screens worldwide and getting positive reviews from movie lovers this film will be the most favorable flick this weekend.

Venkatapuram Movie Review :

Starring Rahul, Mahima
Directed ByVenu Madikanti
Produced ByShreyas Sreenivas, Thumu Phani Kumar
Music ByAchu
BannerGood Cinema Group
Censor “U/A”
Release Date 12th May 2017
Venkatapuram Movie Rating 3/5

Story :

The story is set in Vizag as Anand(Rahul) and Chaitra(Mahima) live in the same apartment building. As expected, they become close friends and start developing feelings towards each other. The twist in the tale arises when Chaitra lands in huge trouble which involves a dreaded gang and a bunch of corrupt cops. Rest of the story is as to how Anand takes things in control and solves Chaitra’s problems one after the other.


Coming to the performances Hero Rahul who has made his debut with Happy days as Tyson is the Male lead in this flick and he has given Outstanding performance in this flick his acting levels are really at peaks. Female lead Mahima has given her best in this flick as this is her Debut project. All other cast and crew has given their best for this Thriller.

Venkatapuram Movie Review
Venkatapuram Movie Review

Technical Aspects:

Technical Aspects of this film are at top notch as the production house Good Cinema Group did not compromise in any aspect of the film. Camera work for this film is the major highlight and the Debut Director Venu Madikanti had really done a great job the way he directed the flick is too Impressive. Music and BGM given by Achu is also good.Editing is decent but there are few scenes which could have been edited during the first half.


Positive Points: 

  • Story Plot
  • Rahul’s Performance
  • Ajay Ghosh
  • Direction

Negative Points : 

  • Love Track
  • Movie Gets Dragged in many scenes
  • Does not bring the necessary emotions at some points.

Final Verdict :

Venkatapuram is an good suspence thriller but can be improved a bit where it fails to bring emotions out of some scenes but the thrilling screenplay and story plot are the major hilights of the film which will keep us engaged. Finally Venkatapuram is an Intense thriller which chan be watched and enjoyed well this weekend.

Venkatapuram Movie Rating :3/5