Vishal’s Rayudu Telugu movie Review|Rating

Cast: Vishal, Sri Divya, Kolla Pulli Leela, R.K. Suresh, Soori and others
Story: Muthiah

Vishal (Rayudu) who is the personification of all things good which is conveyed by his crony Soori at the start, quantified by an introduction  number. He will be living in Ananthapuram with his grandmother Mangamma (Kolla Pulli Leela).  Meanwhile, Gayathri (Sri Divya) is the daughter of the virtuous and righteous Lawyer Narasimhulu. Though not very happy with Rayudu at first, Narasimhulu (Marimuthu) is happy with his noble heart and agrees to give him his daughter in marriage. On the other hand Gayathri’s family has hostility with Rolex Batchi (R K Suresh) as they barbarically murdered the Gayathri’s mother Bhanumathi. Now Gayathri goes against Rolex Batchi with her dad watch Rayudu for full story.
All the actors in the movie had given their best performances and Vishal as-usually had given an powerful performance with his gym toned body ,Kulappulli Leela as Vishal’s Grand mother (Apatha) could be a find of the season.  She carries the role with ease. Sri Divya is apt as a strong village girl. Soori comedy works in some parts.
Technical Values:
Imman music us just okay. Even single telugu song is not attractive with so so telugu lyrics. His Background score is apt to this type of mass movie especially in action episodes. Dialogues are fine.
Velraj’s cinematography is good. Editing by Praveen KL could much better than this especially second half. Anal Arasu’s action choreography is good. Production values of VIshal Film Factory banner and Hari Venkateshwara Pictures are good.
  • Vishal performance
  • Action
  • Some of the Characters
Negatives :
  • Direction
  • Narration
  • Second half

Final Verdict:

Rayudu is an Mass film with an village revenge which deals about the relationship between a grandmother and her son in law,first half is fine but coming to second half is really very big drop for the film atlast thish movie can bee seen only for Vishal Performance and it only an one time watch Film.

Rayudu Telugu Moive Rating:2.5/5